Welcome to Remind, assistive technology to help make life with memory loss easier.

Remind allows carers who live away from a person with dementia, or other memory loss conditions, to send automated prompts and reminders to a tablet located in the person’s home.


Anyone can use Remind for free by simply registering here.

tablet with remind app running

Support your loved ones even when you’re not there

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Carers can send prompts from any device such as computer, tablet or mobile.

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Send messages instantly or schedule them for specific days and times.

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Set up recurring reminders.

How it works


Create a free carer account here.


You will need a tablet or iPad with a basic mobile data plan to display your messages on.


On the tablet, open the web browser and go to the message screen located at this url: tablet.remind-app.co.uk


The carer can then simply type messages they want to display on the message screen from their account. You can choose to send them immediately or schedule them for certain times of the day, as well as set up recurring messages.

type message and it appears on the tablet

See our FAQs to find out more about Remind.