Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Remind cost?

It’s free to create a Remind account. However, you will need a tablet that is either connected to wi-fi or has a very basic mobile data plan to be able to display your messages.

  • Do I need a mobile data plan to run Remind?

If your tablet is connected to wi-fi you do not need a mobile data plan. If you don’t have wi-fi, you will need a basic mobile data plan for your tablet. We designed Remind so that it doesn’t use very much data when messages are updated (typical usage would use less than 1Mb/month) so 2G is fine, however 3G or 4G is ideal.

  • How do I make sure that the message screen always stays on?

Make sure that the tablet is plugged into the mains and that you turn off the auto screen setting.

  • How can I be sure the message is received?

The tablet will send back an acknowledgement to the sender’s account when a message is displayed on the message screen.

  • How does the recipient know that the screen has changed?

We are looking into adding a sound notification when a new message appears on the message screen.

  • What happens if the connection is lost?

Unfortunately message updates cannot be received if connection is lost.

  • Can I customise the way the app screen on the tablet looks?

Just a bit. You can add a personal image if you want. But we deliberately wanted to keep the message screen as simple and clean as possible so that it doesn’t become too confusing to look at.

  • Can I send images?

Only messages containing text can currently be sent.

  • What if I want multiple tablets in different rooms?

You can have two tablets on the same account which will both show the same messages. Alternatively, you can create additional accounts if you want to be able to send different reminders to tablets in different rooms. Each account needs to be under a different email address.