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The story behind Remind

Ellen and Lucas Green understand the challenges of caring for a loved one with dementia. Ellen’s father, Carl, has had dementia for several years and lives on his own. While Ellen and Lucas visit as often as they can, being 70 miles away from each other makes it difficult to always be there for Carl.


They felt that there must be a better way than just phone calls to remind him of things like taking medication, that lunch is in the fridge, that he needs to turn the heating on if it’s a cold day, or to just let him know nice things like they will be visiting him tomorrow. They came up with Remind, which allows them to send automated reminders to Carl – the messages are sent to a tablet which they’ve mounted to the wall underneath the kitchen clock which Carl refers to often. So he naturally reads it whenever he walks into the kitchen. It’s been a great help to them, and they hope it can make a big difference to other families living with dementia, or other memory loss conditions, too.

“We want to help Carl be able to live as normal a life as possible, and for him to maintain a sense of his own independence. We want to help him remember all the everyday simple things to make his daily struggle with dementia a little bit easier, even when we’re not there.

Ellen and Lucas Green